Why Dreamers Are So Hard To Date?

Have you ever dated a dreamer before? How was it? Did the relationship last long? Or was there any relationship that took place? And if it lasted long enough, what did the two of you do to make it work? I’m asking because I know how it is to date a dreamer. Well, on the woman’s perspective specifically. Most of the guys I dated are having a hard time keeping track.
Every individual has a different personality and perspective in life, but choosing someone to date or to be with might be quite difficult especially if that person is quite busy with his or her life goals.

The question is why is it so hard to date with a dreamer?

Too busy with their life
A woman that is so focused on their goals is an independent and determined woman. They won’t stop until they’ve accomplished their goals. They wanted everything that is best for them and their future family so they’ll have to do all the work before they settle with any guy they date. They are so busy working on their goals and accomplishing things in life. She is all about setting and accomplishing goals in life? Well, to some guys who have dated girls who are big dreamers, keeping up with the relationship is a struggle and a challenge.

Dating is not a priority
A dreamer may not be interested in dating because they are too busy doing their stuff and they just want to focus on what they could achieve.

Competition in the relationship is always evident
Dreamers are hard workers. They have a pretty strong personality and it might be too hard for you to please them. This type of woman thinks straight and has a lot of plans in life.  Another thing is, they surely have a high standard when it comes to dating a man. This woman has their own checklist of a man they wanted to be with. This woman wants a perfect man in their life.

Dating a dreamer won’t be too easy for so many reasons, but showing them who you really are and what you really want from them might be a good help in succeeding on dating a dreamer. Give her time and be supportive of her dreams. Her dreams are one of her priorities in life. Making it one of your priorities too is one effective way to get your dreamer.