Top Things That Hold Us Back

Most of us have a dream, which up to now still remains nothing but a dream. A dream which has not materialized for some reason. Some of us may aspire for a better health, a sexier body, a business venture, a dream home, an adventure of a lifetime. Although these things may be very tangible for us, there are factors which hinder us from achieving such goals. Here are some of the common factors that are stopping us from fulfilling our ambitions.

Fear of losing control
One of the things which stop us from doing what we need to do is fear. There are a lot of things which brings us fear. There is the fear of being lonely, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of getting hurt, etc. All of these boils down to one major fear. That is the fear of losing control. We are afraid of the things which are beyond our control. We are afraid that things may not go according to our plans.

This is common amongst all of us and this can be remedied by simply letting go of all of these fears. We can never achieve anything by staying under the shadow of fear. It is true that we cannot control everything. But it is also true that what is meant to be is meant to be. Our quota has already been set and all we need to do is to take what is meant to be ours. Do what you can and accept what is given to you in return.

Lack of resources
This is something that is common to almost every one of us. It always seems as if we are always lacking something. In most cases lack of resources is the culprit. One thing we could do to come up with enough resources is to raise funds to acquire them. Nowadays there are a lot of websites which provide people with a platform wherein they can showcase their ideas, inventions, dreams and plans. In these websites, they can ask for donation or funding so that they could continue with their campaign.

Lack of Determination
There is a difference between interested and determined. If you are someone who is willing to let an opportunity pass by then you are on the plane of being interested. But if you are someone who will not accept no for an answer then you are someone who is on the plane of determined. Having the determination to accomplish something is not common to everyone but if you do have it in you, then you are likely to follow through with your plans and ambitions.