Making Small Life Changes to Equal Big Changes

Nothing in this life can ever be perfect. It’s just how things are. So we shouldn’t over-endeavor unnecessarily for a perfect life, which exists only in the mind – in books and movies. On the other hand, we can lead a better and fuller life, however imperfect it may be. All we need to do is make small changes. They may be seemingly insignificant and minor, but these small changes actually have the ability to elicit dramatic results. Here are some small life changes to equal big changes in your life.

Small Change Number One: Be an early bird.

Waking up early actually has lots of benefits. You can enjoy the sunrise and bathe in its Vitamin D-enhancing warmth. You can exercise. Try brisk walking, jogging, or swimming before you get stuck all day at the office. Having an open-air breakfast experience in the garden or in the balcony is also a small thing that can change a lot in your mood throughout the day and the rest of your days.

Small Change Number Two: Sleep early.

This precedes small change number one. If you sleep early, then waking up early won’t be a problem at all. To achieve this small change in your daily habit, you must have the will to resist all temptation to access your gadgets. Turn them all off an hour or so before bedtime. The glare coming from your computer, TV, cellphone and tablet is often what keeps you awake later than is good for your health. Reset your body clock by sleeping early. The right amount and quality of sleep will transform your mood, your health and your temperament in life. More often than not, people are constantly grumpier, less focused and slower in thought and action simply due to lack of quality sleep and rest. Try listening to relaxing instrumental music to create a soothing atmosphere conducive to sweet slumber.

Small Change Number Three: Add music to your life and dance to it on a regular basis.

And I don’t just say ‘dance.’ I say ‘dance!’ with abandon and a carefree spirit. You can do this alone or with your best friends whom you are comfortable being goofy and silly with. Music motivates and inspires. It adds color to your otherwise dull and monotonous life. Make sure to have a collection of your personal favorites, covering genres that you find most meaningful and relevant to your daily life. Upbeat music will be great for your morning ritual. A relaxing one will help you unwind and cool down for bedtime.

Small Change Number Four: Talk a walk on a daily basis.

“Take a walk, not a pill. The side effects are much better.” I’ve read that somewhere. And I totally agree. Sometimes, a walk is all we need to unwind, think things through and blow off some steam. Unfortunately, we have been indoctrinated to just pop some pills for the smallest pain or the most trivial discomforts. Not that I’m suggesting for you to stop the medication for serious health issues. My point is that you try to somehow lessen your dependence on over-the-counter pills for minor headaches and such. If the open-air stroll by the lake or along the beach does little or no good, then a pill should be the last option.

Small Change Number Five: Take a day off per week from your social media life.

Make this special day more meaningful by actually getting together and having fun with friends not just for the sake of selfies or pictures to show off in your social media life. Get back to your real life before you had a social media status and remember how to relate to your loved ones personally.