How I Was Raised To Be a Dreamer

Ever since I can remember, I have always been a dreamer. I guess I was born that way. As a child, I remember people often telling me that it won’t do me any good to be a dreamer. My teachers and aunts always said so, quite repetitively and emphatically. But lucky me! My parents taught me otherwise. Thanks to them, I was a dreamer, still am one, and will always be. Here’s how I was raised to be a dreamer.   Love and Attention   My parents were very loving… Read moreHow I Was Raised To Be a Dreamer

How to Kill Your Laziness

Laziness is an indication of the fundamental absence of willpower. We have all been there and it is hard to get over such envelopment. We all want to stop being lazy but we simply cannot find out the right thing to do to change such behavior. How do you really kill and break the cycle of your own laziness?   One thing to consider is to decide whether you are really being lazy or are you just overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed means you have exhausted all your effort on the thought… Read moreHow to Kill Your Laziness

Little Things to Do to Conquer Your Goals

When working on your goals, expect that you will stumble and fall along the way. There will be things you have no control of that will impede your progress of meeting your goals. However, did you know that two of the biggest culprits that are holding you back to become successful in your life is fear and procrastination? Be brave, get rid of procrastination, and follow these tips on how you can beat your fear to achieve your life goals.   Start small and do things slowly but consciously. My… Read moreLittle Things to Do to Conquer Your Goals