Dreaming big and pursuing goals, my life story. I was born and raised to be a dreamer, it has its downfalls and upsides. From my dating life to my career opportunities, I see things with a mixture of optimism and reality. Yeah, sometimes I can be pessimistic, but whether it’s in that moment or a month later.. I always realize it and work towards growing out of that thought process.

Through the series for different jobs I’ve pursued to my entrepreneur surroundings, I feel like a pro with setting goals. It’s east to say “my goal is to blah blah blah” but how you accomplish those goals are a whole different story on a whole different level. It is simply not enough to speak it, you have to live it. Attack it by taking baby steps, steps again laziness and towards your goals. Even if it’s just making yourself workout 30 minutes a night, it’s enough to create a snowball effect of good habits. Or even if it’s just you reading a book about something you want to be better at, it will get your brain firing towards the direction you need to be going.

I would say the hardest part of accomplishing your goals is when you get near the end of making it happen. It’s easy to get projects rolling.. but getting them over that last peak is always the toughest. It is like all your work has come to a pillar and you need all of the weight of knowledge and hard work to get it over the edge.