What You Should Know Before Setting Business Goals

Do you have a plan in your mind about what you want to have, or what you want to be five years from now? Or do you even dream of success in some field like business? Before setting goals, it is very important to define what kind of life you want to have in the future.   Though we are unsure of what could possibly happen to us someday, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to set practical goals that you could use in the future.   Where do… Read moreWhat You Should Know Before Setting Business Goals

My Number One Tip: Baby Steps

In whatever aspect of life, I have found that taking one tiny step makes all the difference. Of course, planning things is good. But things will remain just plans if you don’t actually take the first step that will lead you closer to your goal. The negative habit of always postponing things for tomorrow when you can do it now will lead you nowhere. The clutter in your life will slowly accumulate one day at a time, all because you chose not to take these seemingly insignificant baby steps toward… Read moreMy Number One Tip: Baby Steps

Making Small Life Changes to Equal Big Changes

Nothing in this life can ever be perfect. It’s just how things are. So we shouldn’t over-endeavor unnecessarily for a perfect life, which exists only in the mind – in books and movies. On the other hand, we can lead a better and fuller life, however imperfect it may be. All we need to do is make small changes. They may be seemingly insignificant and minor, but these small changes actually have the ability to elicit dramatic results. Here are some small life changes to equal big changes in your… Read moreMaking Small Life Changes to Equal Big Changes

Why Networking Is Important

Networking is a great way to boost not just your business circles but it also improves your personal character. It may seem a daunting and time-consuming task. You need to build up your business or career to people just to make connections. However, with regular practice, you won’t see networking work anymore. It becomes a part of you. It comes out naturally through you.   If you haven’t embraced yet the art of networking, this article will show you how important it is to practice it in your life.  … Read moreWhy Networking Is Important

Top Things That Hold Us Back

Most of us have a dream, which up to now still remains nothing but a dream. A dream which has not materialized for some reason. Some of us may aspire for a better health, a sexier body, a business venture, a dream home, an adventure of a lifetime. Although these things may be very tangible for us, there are factors which hinder us from achieving such goals. Here are some of the common factors that are stopping us from fulfilling our ambitions.   Fear of losing control One of the… Read moreTop Things That Hold Us Back

Top Books for Self Improvement

In the U.S. alone, $10 billion is represented by the self-improvement industry. And it’s a really hot genre. There are literally hundreds of self-improvement books, each and every new release selling like pancakes. With this bombardment of various self-improvement books, choosing one can be quite a challenge. For your convenience, allow me to share a few of my favorites. Here are my top books for self-improvement. Whatcha Gonna Do with That Duck?: And Other Provocations – Seth Godin Simply a masterpiece, this book is not like any other. While most… Read moreTop Books for Self Improvement

How I Was Raised To Be a Dreamer

Ever since I can remember, I have always been a dreamer. I guess I was born that way. As a child, I remember people often telling me that it won’t do me any good to be a dreamer. My teachers and aunts always said so, quite repetitively and emphatically. But lucky me! My parents taught me otherwise. Thanks to them, I was a dreamer, still am one, and will always be. Here’s how I was raised to be a dreamer.   Love and Attention   My parents were very loving… Read moreHow I Was Raised To Be a Dreamer

How to Kill Your Laziness

Laziness is an indication of the fundamental absence of willpower. We have all been there and it is hard to get over such envelopment. We all want to stop being lazy but we simply cannot find out the right thing to do to change such behavior. How do you really kill and break the cycle of your own laziness?   One thing to consider is to decide whether you are really being lazy or are you just overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed means you have exhausted all your effort on the thought… Read moreHow to Kill Your Laziness

The Miracle of Outsourcing

Doing business is much easier, faster, and more productive if you have highly-skilled manpower to help you with other aspects of your business. Thanks to Internet and modern tech, finding these people can be done with only a few searches on outsourcing sites and job ads.   If you have a project or business that cannot be done by you alone, outsourcing the tasks to hardworking and highly-proficient individuals will give you more legs and hands to finish the job with ease and quality.   In what ways does outsourcing… Read moreThe Miracle of Outsourcing

Top Blogs I Like To Read for Productivity

In this day and age, advanced technological gadgets have become part of our daily lives, and thus leisure and entertainment are made even more accessible. Free online movies, your favorite TV series and online gaming usually take up much of your free time. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with these when done with regulation and control. On the other hand, that is no longer the case. The internet bombards us with so much that we end up spending way too much time in front of the computer. A simple research… Read moreTop Blogs I Like To Read for Productivity